Anthony Weiner – Sexting Scandal Brings Down NYC Mayoral Hopeful

From the files of fantastic flameouts we find now-infamous Brooklyn politician Anthony Weiner, poised to make a serious run at the mayoralty of New York City in 2011.

Growing up in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, Weiner was a product of the New York City public school system, attending Brooklyn Tech High School before going on to the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. A congressional aide to Charles Schumer when the Brooklyn Democratic dynamo was in the United States House of Representatives, Weiner served in the New York City Council from 1992 to 1998, before winning Schumer’s seat in New York’s 9th congressional district in 1999. (Schumer has since gone on to be one of the highest-ranking members of the United States Senate.)

Weiner made an unsuccessful run at Gracie Mansion in 2005, when he was bested by Fernando Ferrer in the Democratic primary. (Ferrer fell to incumbent Michael Bloomberg in the general election.)

Yet 2013 was supposed to be another story, with Weiner, the political darling of Brooklyn, leading a yipping pack of Democratic hopefuls.

And then something, shall we say, came up.

Carlos Danger emerged from his secret lair.

Just who was Carlos Danger, this international man of mystery with a cartoony noir-ish nickname?

Well, Carlos Danger was Anthony Weiner’s self-inflicted social media handle that he used when sexting pictures of his, uh, wiener, to women not named Mrs. Weiner.

In 2011, the scandal known as Weinergate burst all over the tabloid media, starting when the U.S. House member sent a link to a selfie of his erect member in tight boxer shorts to a 21-year-old college student in Seattle. Initially denying he sent the link, Weiner backpedaled away from the lie that someone hacked his account. He admitted later to sending the link, and other links, to more women, both before and during his marriage.

Weiner resigned from Congress.

Imagine the delight had by headline writers in newsrooms across America.

“Weiner’s Rise & Fall.”

“Weiner: I’ll Stick It Out.”

“Same Old Schlong & Dance.”

“Hide the Weiner.”

Wait, it gets better, or worse, depending on how you feel about disgraced politicians.

In an even more hilarious/disastrous turn of events (dubbed “Weiner’s Second Coming” by The New York Post), in 2013 he mounted another bid for the Mayoralty, only to have it prematurely deteriorate in the wake of yet another sexting scandal.

Really, Anthony?

The website “The Dirty” released the pictures sent by the mysterious “Carlos Danger” to a 22-year-old woman, supposedly in 2012 and 2013, well after Weiner resigned his seat in the U.S. Congress from the previous scandal.

With every new detail the media whipped out clever headlines.

When Weiner withdrew himself from consideration for the mayoral race, it was: “Weiner Pulls Out.”

When he was denying that he Tweeted the photo, it was: “Weiner Gets Grilled.”

When news emerged that his wife, Huma Abedin, was pregnant, it was: “Little Weiner in the Oven.”

When he started to drop in popularity polls, it was: “Weiner is Shrinking.”

When the media caught him in an emotional moment, it was: “Naked Truth: Weiner Bawls.”

When the President chimed in suggesting he resign, it was “Obama Beats Weiner.”

When the governor followed suit, it was “Cuomo Spanks Weiner.”

Yes, we saw “Weiner Exposed,” “Weiner’s Schnitzel,” and “Weiner’s Pickle.”

We could keep going, in fact we could probably fill this book with more Weinerisms. Needless to say, the serial-sexting scandal sunk Weiner’s multiple election bids.

The former world beater was relegated to the role of Mr. Mom, taking a backseat to the successful political career of his wife, a long-time aide to Hillary Clinton.

Every time Weiner attempted to revive his professional life, headline writers were standing at attention, pens poised to spurt out quips clever enough to make the next morning’s front page.

By 2017, with Weiner fighting yet another round of sexting allegations, this time with an underage girl, the couple finally headed for divorce.

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